I do believe it is extremely probable that maybe Mr

I do believe it is extremely probable that maybe Mr

Mellark, as the his marriage was not pleased, started appearing back toward his younger basic love and idealizing “one which got aside”, perhaps thinking “Only if I had a married relationship like the Everdeens”

I recently don’t believe you to definitely that’s the message of the books: I have surely got to think that Collins knows their particular Shakespeare once the I think that Romeo and Juliet are barely see because of the a mature reader since the epitome from love in place of due to the fact a medication off harmful welfare. I don’t genuinely believe that Peeta’s declaration in this beach scene Is such as healthy, however, I do believe he and demonstrates to you part of their inspiration in that first interviews having Caesar Flickerman in the Mockingjay as he cards how the planet collapses so you can a slim interest into the the fresh new stadium.

If you ask me, Peeta is certainly much the brand new different and never the fresh new rule, and also Peeta easily admits he checked out almost every other girls. Additionally, up to new Everdeens need liked each other, Really don’t think that we’re designed to believe that the new Hawthornes’ matrimony was not since strong given that they Hazelle did not have a failure afterwards.

As far as i don’t like love triangles, I do believe it was vital that you show that it is actually ok to own Katniss to understand more about almost every other close choices (and this try Usually possible to own their own so you’re able to refuse every one of their suitors and also to choose to be solitary)

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