Alive the fresh Old Fairy tale with “Vacation in Egypt”

Alive the fresh Old Fairy tale with “Vacation in Egypt”

Edfu forehead is among the most unbelievable one among all Nile temples between Luxor and you can Aswan. It’s located in Edfu area, that’s receive 60 kilometres north out-of Aswan on the western financial of the Nile River inside the Top Egypt. It actually was mainly based inside Ptolemaic Empire between 237 and 57 BC. Edfu temple are the middle of the newest cult off a good triad regarding gods. Edfu area try identified on Greek records as the, “Apollopolis Magna”. The main cause of this is that Horus is identified by the fresh Greeks and their goodness Apollo. Edfu flourished a lot on ancient time as well as the most extremely important touristic landmark in it is Edfu Forehead. It goes back into the Ptolemaic period. Listed below are all the details wish to know in advance of seeing Edfu temple:

  • step one. Edfu Temple Records
  • dos. Information regarding Edfu Temple
  • 3. Description out of Edfu Temple
  • cuatro. Structural regarding Efu Temple

The historical past from Edfu Temple

The construction works regarding Edfu temple first started regarding the 237 B.C during the leadership off Ptolemy III and it also is complete from oppia tГ¤mГ¤ täällГ¤ nyt inside the leadership regarding Ptolemy IV during the 57 B.C. Brand new temple’s build and its improvements got regarding the 180 ages. It includes the fresh new Mamisi, which is the household regarding divine beginning and it also include an entry, a church, and a courtroom. Its wall space is adorned and inform you brand new divine birth of Horus.

It consisted of a beneficial pillared hallway, one or two transverse places, and you may an effective barque haven surrounded by chapels. Continue reading